Who is Spy 1.6

Who is Spy 1.6



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Date Added:20 August, 2014

Author: wei wu

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Buy and install this App once only and play with all your friends in the party. Regular free updates.


"Who is spy" is a fun intellectual game for parties, the players need to figure out who"s "words" is different from the others through the description of other players, the one who gets a different "words" is the spy. This fantastic game can enhance the communication, logical thinking and verbal expression between friends. It is a fun game to play!

Special features of the App:
* Hundreds of classic "words", all "words" are carefully designed, fun to play with
* Regular updates to the "words" library
* Customized "words" function enables you designing your own "words"
* In support of as many as 15 persons playing together
* Multiple spies and empty "words" makes the game flexible and more fun to play
* System distribute the "words" automatically makes the game more convenient and easier to play
* System marks and judge the result of the game makes the game accurate and fair

Demo of the game in "real life":

*Direction for use?

* Only one installation is needed for multiple players
* Two modes for the game: system host and player host (host is the judge)
* For system host mode, all players can participate, the system will calculate the result automatically
* For player host mode, a player need to be selected as the host, the result will be announced by the host
* Choose the mode, set up the games, such as: numbers of players, numbers of spies, number of empty "words", etc. etc.Then,start the game
* The system will distribute the numbers automatically according to the settings, such as no. 1- no. 7, match the number with the players first
* Pass the phone to the player with the number shown on the screen, check the "words" of this player only, do not show the phone to other players
* After all players checked their "words", they need to start describing their "words" in order, then vote
* In order to avoid mistakes, votes and calculate should be done by players
* Players are suggested to vote at the same time, point to the suspicious players
* Choose the player with the highest number of votes, put his/her number into the system
* The system will give the result that decides if the game continues or ends
* Tap restart button to begin a new round when the game is over

Hope this game could bring more fun and laugh to your party, let play!

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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